Foie gras: the European Commission turns a blind eye to French law-breakers

For several years now, L214 has regularly informed the European Commission of the ways that the French and the other foie gras producing countries deliberately ignore the European laws concerning Animal welfare.

The European Commission admits the facts as presented, but refuses to proceed in a way to force an end to the practice which causes the suffering of millions birds each year.

L214, CIWF, PETA UK and Albert Schweizer Stiftung join forces and ask the Commission to take meaningful action.

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Foie gras: scandal in the Parisian palaces of haute cuisine

L214 reveals an investigation on the production of “luxury” foie gras

L214 reveals a behind-the-scenes investigation carried out at the firm Ernest Soulard, which supplies foie gras to world-famous starred restaurants and the most renowned luxury hotels in the French capital, including Fouquet's, George V, the Royal Monceau, the Atelier de Joël Robuchon, the Jules Verne and the Meurice (Alain Ducasse), Lenotre and the Grande Brasserie FLO, and other high-end restaurants worldwide.

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World Day Against Foie Gras • November 21, 2013

world day against foie gras

Join in and hold a protest before French embassies

No "French exception" for cruelty!

To produce foie gras, birds are force-fed with a large quantity of unbalanced feed using a tube thrust down the crop. To prevent the birds from escaping they are locked in tiny cages. In two weeks, the volume of their liver undergoes a ten-fold increase in volume. For every duck or goose who dies while raised with natural feeding, up to twenty times that number die during the force-feeding period, as a consequence of wounds or infections caused by the metal tube or due to the failure of vital organs.

France is responsible for 75% of the world's foie gras production.

Tell France to stop this cruelty responsible for the suffering and death of 80 million birds every year. Please join us for the World Day Against Foie Gras 2013.

Let's have as many demonstrations as possible worldwide, in front of French embassies or consulates around the world.

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Foie gras du Sud-Ouest : a visit in typical French foie gras farms

Filmed in 2012 in South-West France.

Foie gras du Sud-Ouest, enquête de L214

Foie gras soon to be banned in Europe?

The citizens and groups supporting the Manifesto for the abolition of foie gras call attention to the unescapable ban of force-feeding -hence, of foie gras production.

"No animal shall be provided with food or liquid in a manner (…) which may cause unnecessary suffering or injury."
Council Directive 98/58/EC of 20 July 1998.

"Methods of feeding and feed additives which cause distress, injury or disease to the ducks [and geese] or may result in development of physical or physiological conditions detrimental to their health and welfare shall not be permitted."
European Recommendations concerning ducks and geese used for the production of foie gras of 22 June 1999.

Foie gras is the pathological liver of a bird suffering from hepatic steatosis.
European Commission Scientific report of 16 December 1998.

Diarrhoea, panting, walking difficulties, lesions and inflammations of the neck are daily realities.

Force-feeding has already been banned in most European Union countries. It has been banned since January 1, 1999 in Poland. It has just been banned in Italy, Israel and California on grounds of cruelty. In Chicago selling foie gras, including in restaurants, has just been banned on same grounds.

Foie gras violates the principles of the European Convention for the protection of animals kept for farming purposes.

Citizens' Initiative for the banning of force-feeding.

For foie gras,
since 01/01 in France


dead from force-feeding